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Click on the icon to view/print a (pdf) 15 hour schedule that includes summit names, grid references and heights.  Use in conjunction with the Harvey Dark Peak Map or OS Explorer map OL 1 - The Peak District: Dark Peak area.



There is no formal register but Alan Yates would be interested to hear of any completions.

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Links and Further Information

o   Route map - plotted by Mark Ollerenshaw on an OS 1;50,000 map

o   The 26/27 Trigs  - schedule and report of Pete Simpson's winter round in 1991

o The current 15 trigs record is 10-04 by Andy Harmer, DPFR (1987)

o The current 26 (27!?) trigs record is 23-49 by Pete Simpson (1991)

o   Ten Years of DPFR (1976-1986) - a rare and ancient manuscript recording early pilgrimages round the 15 trigs.

Emlin towards Back Tor
Part of Dark Peak folklore for nigh on a quarter of a century, and with access restrictions lifted, this little gem has finally emerged from the swirling mists of time ready to tease and torment a new generation of fell runners!  At some 55 miles with 8,500 feet of ascent it is a round linking 15 trig points on the Harvey Dark Peak Map.  It was conceived by Andy Harmer of Dark Peak Fell Runners and first completed by the trio of Peter Jones, Bob Segrove and Alan Yates in 1985 as a prequel to the club's tenth birthday celebrations.  There is a time limit of 15 hours thus allowing one hour per trig. Use of the road between Emlin Moor and Back Tor is strictly forbidden,
otherwise, it is intended to be an informal outing without road or fell support although pubs and shops may be used.  So as not to incommode their brethren on the other side of the Pennines (as DPFR have put it!) it can be started from the Royal Hotel in Hayfield (GR 037 870) as well as The Sportsman at Lodge Moor.  It may be completed in either direction.
Those not sated by its subtle charms can combine it with a further 11 trig points from the southern, White Peak, section of the map to create a round of 26 trigs: a worthy 24-hour challenge.  The only known completion so far is by Pete Simpson in 1991 (see below).

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