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Fell running is one of the great sporting traditions of the Lake District and, perhaps, its finest institution is the Bob Graham Club.  Becoming a member involves climbing 42 peaks within 24 hours in a round which includes some 66 miles of mountain terrain and 27000 feet of ascent.  For information on the Bob Graham Club go to their official website; for guidance on how to go about doing it go to Bob Wightman’s BGR web pages; for inspiration and encouragement read Richard Askwith’s Feet in the Clouds and, for a complete history of the BG Club and the Lake District 24 hour fell-walking record, get hold of a copy of 42 Peaks – The story of the Bob Graham Round.

No mention of the BGR would be complete without a tribute to Fred Rogerson and the late Harry Griffin, who both founded the Club in 1971, and to the Heaton brothers, Alan and Ken, who were the first to equal then improve on Graham’s 1932 record.  The BGR has become the benchmark for all peak-bagging runs and it has gone on to inspire countless attempts as well as numerous other mountain challenges throughout the UK.  It is a legacy that gives them a lot to answer for!























Click on the icon to download summit details and a sub-24 hour schedule.  This is in an Excel spreadsheet format that can be viewed and printed or, alternatively, there is the option to save the file so that it can then be customised to your personal pace and start time - see the notes at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  


Brian Covell, 28 Westwood Avenue, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5BB

All attempts must be registered in advance with the Membership Secretary above.  Send an SAE for an official BG Club Ratification Form on which to record details of your actual times and supporters.  Guidance notes and a form are also available on the club website.

Links and Further information

o The Bob Graham Club - the official website which includes downloadable guidance notes and a ratification form as well as a full list of all members and notable achievements.  

o Mike Sadula's website - Training tips, schedules, personal accounts and advice.  

o Bob Wightman's BGR web pages - a comprehensive guide on everything from how to go about it including planning, training and FAQs to it's early history, the latest records and extended rounds for 50 at 50, 55 at 55 and 60 at 60.

o The UK Big 3 records - an overview of the BGR, CRR and PBR.  

o Feet in the Clouds, Richard Askwith (Aurum, 2004) - a book that captures the spirit of both the BGR and the sport of fellrunning as well as its history.  Already a classic.

o 42 Peaks -The Story of the Bob Graham Round, Buckley, Covell and Smith (2005)
Available from good Lakeland book and outdoor shops.


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Where a route contact name is given please notify that person of your  attempt on the route to enable accurate records to be maintained for the dubious benefit of future generations of fell runners!
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