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The primary purpose of this website is to provide a single source of information on ultra-distance challenges from around the UK.  They have been arranged into the menu categories listed below.

UK Ultra Routes - by  Region

Routes are often mentioned briefly in the Fellrunner magazine only to then disappear into the mists of time.  One of the noble but dubious objectives of this site is to ensure details of such routes are preserved for the benefit of present and future generations!   More routes will be added on a periodic basis to provide  a selection of long, short, old, recent, formal and informal runs from around the UK. This menu lists every UK route on the website, including the UK Big 3 and Over the Hill Series, arranged under four main regions.

The UK Big 3 Rounds

For quick reference a separate menu provides an overview of the three most popular UK rounds.  There is little pointing duplicating the content of other websites so this section for the most part provides links to existing websites and other sources of information.  Outline maps, route details and sub-24 hour schedules are included for downloading. A summary of records and acheivements is included.

Over the Hill Challenge Series

For quick reference this menu provides access to all the routes in the series together with details of the Over The Hill Club and registrations.The routes are recently developed challenges open to all age groups but are intended to encourage continued participation by the over-50's age groups.  They are generally 40 to 50 miles to allow completion within daylight hours and, they all have generous time limits to encourage anyone, including strong walkers, to have a go.  There is a range of first class times for fell runners in the over 50's age groups. These challenges are also listed under the corresponding region of the main menu of UK Ultras - by Region.

Additional routes welcome

If you or your club would like to add any routes to this site, new or old, please use the contact page.  General guidelines are as shown.

o   generally to be at least 35 miles with at least 6000' of ascent

o   90% is off road and is mostly mountain, moor or fell preferably with sections off paths.

o   Routes wholly on national or regional trails are excluded - see definitions.  

o   Multi-day mountain challenges in the UK which allow overnight stops or bivi's may be considered along with other novel ideas.

o   Challenges outside the UK are welcome but note that race routes are excluded.

o   There is no obligation to include any route on this site.

o   The Over the Hill series has additional criteria - see Over The Hill Club

Health and Safety

Health Warning

To do any of the routes on this site is not normal, sensible or rational.  They will appeal most to those whose horizons stretch beyond the urban wastelands of our celebrity culture and our mindless consumerism, past the swamps of our political malaise and way beyond the arid deserts of religious or scientific fundamentalism.  For a while, at least, these routes will allow you to experience true wealth, freedom and beauty by stepping outside the narrow confines of normal thinking and living into a semi-wilderness where everything is free to anyone with a little time, effort and awareness!   

Safety Warning

All the routes on this site are serious undertakings which could be life threatening; none are suitable for novices.  You undertake them at your own risk and you are advised to take full mountain safety precautions at all times together with insurance to cover the risks involved.


The object of this website is to provide a single, ready source of information on the ultra-distance challenges which have been developed over the past three or more decades. It now offers a diverse range of long and "short", old and recent, formal and informal routes from around the UK to encourage runners of all ages and abilities to have a go.
Further routes will be added to this site approximately twice a year. If you wish to be notified of future additions please use the contact page and put "subscribe" in the subject line, or "delete" if you wish to unsubscribe.
If you can improve on the accuracy of this resource, offer details of other routes (old and new), spot any errors in grid references, names, heights, spelling or punctuation, or find a link which does not work please let us know via the contact page.
Please send details and a schedule of any record-breaking runs and the like to Martin Stone who maintains records on behalf of the Fell Runners Association.  Email: martin.stone@sportident.co.uk
Where a route contact name is given please notify that person of your  attempt on the route to enable accurate records to be maintained for the dubious benefit of future generations of fell runners!
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